Discoveries of the Month – January/2017

You may have noticed the lack of posts. It has been a very busy month and when I  got some free time I focused on some personal projects. But I got tons of drafts being worked and some experiments to show.

Web Development

Flexible Boxes by Will StoneOne of the dozens generators/playgrounds for CSS3 Flexboxes.


Landell de MouraPriest and scientist. Studied, along Marconi, Popov, Hertz, Brandy, Lodge, and many others, radio transmissions.
Music Macro Language: A music description language used in sequencing music on computer and video game systems.


Velvet Acid ChristElectro-industrial band from Colorado that mixes a bunch of genres.

YouTube Channels:

wingsNpawsTeaches and gives tips of how to train parrots and dogs.
Michael New: Lessons on music theory and how to write music.
I Like To Make Stuff: Woodworking, welding, 3d printing, electronics… this guy works with every sort of thing.
Idea. Sketch. Build.: Small and new channel about woodworking. This guy has some neat solutions for those who don’t have a fully equiped wordshop.
Bisqwit: C++, ASM, Chiptune, Game password crackers. This guy codes everykind of nerd stuff.

Discoveries of the Month – December/2016

Greetings! The time for that post for the last day of the month. Also the last day of the year, hope you guys have a happy new year!

Web Development

CSS GridCSS Grid is going to become supported-by-default in Chrome and Firefox in March of 2017. Checkout the link for more information.


ShellCheck: Find bugs in your shell scripts.
mdless: A utility that provides a formatted and highlighted view of Markdown files in Terminal.
bropages: Similar to man pages, bro pages are concise examples of using command line programs.
commandlinefuCommand-line snippets repository with rating system.


Wendy Carlos(Walter Carlos): Well known composer of A Clockwork Orange soundtrack. I never took time to listen to her albums. Switched-On Bach and The Well-Tempered Synthesizer are wonderful pieces, a must for classical music and analog synthesizer lovers.
Saturndust: Brazilian Space Doom band.
Isao Tomita: Inspired by Wendy Carlos and with similar work. Another Moog grinder for analog synthesizer lovers, his early works consist on covers of rock artists.

YouTube Channels:

Professor LeonardThis guy is doing for Math (Advanced) what Stephen Hawking did for Physics – Make it accessible to the average person.
Adam Neely: Bass lessons and deep music theory researches.
Grant ThompsonDIY, lifehacks, explosions and useless stuff. Expect anything, he honors his name “The King of Random”.

Three survival tools for an inhospitable (production) environment

As a web developer, you may need to deal with your client’s production environment. Sometimes it’s not the easiest environment to work with, like in a shared hosting or a limited

I already worked with some clients that I wasn’t able to remote connect to the database. Others didn’t allow me to connect to a regular FTP service, all files had to be transferred one by one via a Web FTP.

Over the years I’ve put together some tools to help me with those situations.Other than small snippets and scripts, here are three of the tools that I must used in the last eight years.

Adminer (formerly phpMinAdmin)

Adminer is a single file database management tool written in PHP that can handle MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MS SQL, Oracle, Firebird, SimpleDB, Elasticsearch and MongoDB. Useful since most of the free database GUI tools doesn’t offer Tunneling connections.

MySQL BigDump

BigDump allows you to import massive and large MySQL dumps. It works well very limited servers.


phpFileManager can help you when you don’t have FTP access to the hosting. It’s multi-uploader and compress/extract are very convenient.


I know that the use of such hostings are decreasingly over the years. But we, as developers, must be prepared to such sittuations. I hope my tips here can help you someway.