Fixing broken chinese Ammoon Looper Pedal

Information compatible with:

  • Harley Benton Mini Looper
  • FAME Looper * Rowin LEF-332
  • Donner Looper
  • Ammoon AP-09 nano looper

I bought this little fella after I saw it listed as broken for a really low price, considering that I could make it work after updating its firmware.
The provided USB cable was faulty and I replaced it with a working one and the LooperSuite for macOS didn’t work at all. I searched both Rowin and Ammoon sites for an alternative firmware without any success.

Using LooperSuite v1.7 I tried to delete the Song 001 in vain. However, then I replaced the Song 001 with a blank WAV file and replugged the looper to my rig. To my surprise, everything was working as expected.

Considering the price it’s an awesome looper, but I have no idea if it’s going to freeze again.

Fixing Drag and Drop issue with GuitarRig 5 on Retina Displays

I’ve revisited my music writing and production skills, for some reason I wasn’t able to drag and drop “Components” on GuitarRig. Unable to find any solution I started to look for anything suspicious.

The drag and drop sometimes worked but to an arbitrary dropzone. So I considered that it was a miscalculation of the coordinates due to the Retina Display.

Opening both Reaper64(DAW) and GuitarRig5(Stand Alone) “Get info” window and setting the “Open in Low Resolution” checkbox fixed the issue.

Arduino as ISP checklist for someone who didn’t burn/program anything in a long time

Back in 2009, I became aware of the existence of Arduino(through TuxRadar Podcast). The idea of open hardware and open software platform aroused my interest in electronics.

I got myself a kit and built a Serial RS232/DB9 board. That was my first soldering experience and really started my relationship with electronics as a hobbyist. Soon after, I got a counterfeit Arduino Mega from China and my Serial one was put aside.

This weekend I was testing a sketch and it was incompatible with Arduino Mega. Unfortunately, I was unable to find the right drivers for my serial adapter. Enough story, I ran into a few issues and here is a checklist to avoid them:

  • Don’t forget a 10μF cap between Reset and Ground.
  • External PSU, don’t rely on the programmer’s 5V.
  • Check USE_OLD_STYLE_WIRING constant on ArduinoAsISP sketch (when not using the ICSP header).
  • Install MiniCore boards on your Arduino board-manager (Check MiniCore GitHub for more information)