Rust Journey – Snake Clone – Day 5

It’s been some busy weeks for me. So I had to slow down my side projects.

Well, I finished the implementation for highscores. Returning a struct with strings is way harder than I anticipated. I used another approach, fetching the values when needed.

I am not happy with the final implementation, but I can always refactor it when I fully understand the language and its concepts.

Oh, I forgot to mention it in the previous post. I got the debugger running and it was one of my goals.

I also moved the project to Linux. Had a hard time setting up the SFML/CSFML dependencies, but everything went ok after I changed the crate dependency to the rust-sfml git repository.

Final Notes

Well, not much was achieved. But I finally got the highscores working. I am just going to implement graphics and sound and then finally call the project done.

Hope the next iteration happens soon.