Discoveries of the Month – January/2017

You may have noticed the lack of posts. It has been a very busy month and when I  got some free time I focused on some personal projects. But I got tons of drafts being worked and some experiments to show.

Web Development

Flexible Boxes by Will StoneOne of the dozens generators/playgrounds for CSS3 Flexboxes.


Landell de MouraPriest and scientist. Studied, along Marconi, Popov, Hertz, Brandy, Lodge, and many others, radio transmissions.
Music Macro Language: A music description language used in sequencing music on computer and video game systems.


Velvet Acid ChristElectro-industrial band from Colorado that mixes a bunch of genres.

YouTube Channels:

wingsNpawsTeaches and gives tips of how to train parrots and dogs.
Michael New: Lessons on music theory and how to write music.
I Like To Make Stuff: Woodworking, welding, 3d printing, electronics… this guy works with every sort of thing.
Idea. Sketch. Build.: Small and new channel about woodworking. This guy has some neat solutions for those who don’t have a fully equiped wordshop.
Bisqwit: C++, ASM, Chiptune, Game password crackers. This guy codes everykind of nerd stuff.