Organizing electronics parts – Resistors

In order to have electronics parts ready to use in my projects I started to order batches from China. They have the same quality of the components sold here in Brazil and are a lot cheaper.

I purchased 2500 resistors (50 pieces in 50 different values). On my first projects I struggled to find the right values due to ugly handwriting in the tape connecting the resistors. I decided to buy some resealable plastic bags (also from China) and classify every single value.

ice cream plastic container and sharpies

My decision was simple and efficient: crepe masking tape and permanent markers. To help finding the values I created four different ranges for the values and defined a color flag to each range. After all that classification I put all the plastic bags in a container.

TResistors in ziplocksoday it’s very easy to source the resistors for new projects. I use the ziplock bags left over in the same way with the sourced components with a label with the project name.