Fixing broken chinese Ammoon Looper Pedal

Information compatible with:

  • Harley Benton Mini Looper
  • FAME Looper * Rowin LEF-332
  • Donner Looper
  • Ammoon AP-09 nano looper

I bought this little fella after I saw it listed as broken for a really low price, considering that I could make it work after updating its firmware.
The provided USB cable was faulty and I replaced it with a working one and the LooperSuite for macOS didn’t work at all. I searched both Rowin and Ammoon sites for an alternative firmware without any success.

Using LooperSuite v1.7 I tried to delete the Song 001 in vain. However, then I replaced the Song 001 with a blank WAV file and replugged the looper to my rig. To my surprise, everything was working as expected.

Considering the price it’s an awesome looper, but I have no idea if it’s going to freeze again.


LooperSuite 1.7

Working WAV file to use as a replacement